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  0019671    [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
minorassigned (dloper)2019-02-23Koji build system overrides Vendor
  0000627    [ClearCenter]
app-dynamic-dns - Dynamic DNS
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add preferred WAN for dynamic DNS
  00003771   [ClearCenter]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add auto-tuning for large number of users
  0000800    [ClearCenter]
app-google-apps - Google Apps
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add import tool
  0000799    [ClearCenter]
app-verified-updates - Verified Updates
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add GUI to verified updates system
  0000762    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15If enumeration is disabled, the results for getent are invalid
  0000750    [ClearCenter]
app-zarafa-small-business - Zarafa Small Business
majorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Zarafa license server needs a restart after making changes
  0000742    [ClearCenter]
app-google-apps - Google Apps
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Google apps usernames are case sensitive (kind of) but only small case allowed ClearOS
  00007081   [ClearCenter]
app-google-apps - Google Apps
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Adding an 'external' email to Google Groups causes sync failure notification
  0020381    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Show warning when admin URL is indeterminate
  0019281    [ClearCenter]
app-master-slave - Master/Slave
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Make sure certificates are initialized
  0018421    [ClearCenter]
app-dynamic-dns - Dynamic DNS
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Properly encode the osname on SDN API requests
  0016451    [ClearCenter]
app-network-map - Network Map
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Update local MAC address database
  0016051    [ClearCenter]
app-mail-archive - Mail Archive
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos - Mail Archive
  0016041    [ClearCenter]
app-intrusion-protection-updates - Intrusion Protection Updates
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos - Intrusion Protection Updates
  0016031    [ClearCenter]
app-dynamic-dns - Dynamic DNS
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos - Dynamic DNS
  0016021    [ClearCenter]
app-antispam-updates - Antispam Updates
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos - Antispam Updates
  0016011    [ClearCenter]
app-antimalware-updates - Antimalware Updates
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos - Antimalware Updates
  00158011   [ClearCenter]
app-content-filter-updates - Content Filter Updates
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Rebuild package to sync up new repos
  0015581 2 [ClearCenter]
app-kaspersky - Kasperksy Engine
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Kaspersky Antimalware Dashboards do not display correctly and
  00015302   [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15wc-yum clutters logs with errors if an update is not found
  0001490    [ClearCenter]
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add a flag for resetting the central management system
  0001265    [ClearCenter]
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add a command line and GUI tool for slave systems
  0001223    [ClearCenter]
app-performance-tuning - Performance Tuning
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Add MultiWAN tunables
  0000937    [ClearCenter]
app-google-apps - Google Apps
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Adding group to distribution group defaults to internal ONLY.
  0021231    [ClearCenter]
app-master-slave - Master/Slave
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Handle master base DN change
  0022551    [ClearCenter]
minornew2018-12-12Hook to renew Let's Encrypt certificates not working
  00064612   [ClearCenter]
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2018-11-16Error message (utime) from yum plugin on first run
  0022441    [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (slords)2018-11-15Review Cleanup of Parsing commit and commit to clear7 if appropriate or branch to 8
  0022371    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minorconfirmed2018-11-13Impossible to stop ClearGLASS from the webconfig
  00141311   [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (dloper)2018-11-10Documentation needs links or messaging about all the different open source modules used
  0021861    [ClearCenter]
tweakconfirmed2018-10-30Add systemd unit file
  0021771    [ClearCenter]
featureacknowledged2018-10-30Memory report show allocated memory and not the more useful consumption memory
  0021761    [ClearCenter]
tweakacknowledged2018-10-30Expand disk usage to other filesystem types
  0021211    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Save file sync key on initialization
  0021101    [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2018-10-30Update to 7.5 - merge changes
  0021051    [ClearCenter]
app-owncloud-business - ownCloud for Business
featureassigned (bchambers)2018-10-30Support upgrade to OC 10.0.9
  0017441    [ClearCenter]
featureacknowledged2018-10-30Temperature settings and readings for UI and LCD support
  00159312   [ClearCenter]
tweakfeedback (dloper)2018-10-30Network Bypass not loaded automatically
  0013581    [ClearCenter]
majorassigned (slords)2018-10-30Add upstream proxy setting to yum plugin
  00133112   [ClearCenter]
minorconfirmed (dloper)2018-10-30eziod requires lm_sensors
  0021881    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Remove onboot event, change to systemd
  0021851    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Add systemd unit file
  0021391    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.2.0
  0020931    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.1.0
  0020921    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.1.0
  0020891    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Automate the upgrade process
  0020881    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Automate the upgrade process
  0017161    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update local file permissions on initialization
  0014671    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Add support for hidden groups
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