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  00179711   [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
tweakconfirmed2017-11-22Default ClearOS theme displays unavailable links
  00179911   [ClearOS]
app-events - Events System
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2017-11-21Make mail_notification and network dependencies soft
  0017981 1 [ClearOS]
tweakconfirmed2017-11-21User profile menu dropdown shows blanks for events and user-apps
  0017961    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
featureconfirmed2017-11-21Move Locale class to base app
  0017951    [ClearOS]
app-language - Language
featureconfirmed2017-11-21Move Locale class to base
  0017941    [ClearOS]
featureconfirmed2017-11-21Stop rotating the boot.log if empty
  0017931 1 [ClearOS]
app-users - User Manager
featureassigned (bchambers)2017-11-21Include CLI script for CRUDing users
  0015351    [ClearOS]
gconsole (xconsole)
tweakacknowledged2017-11-21Upstream update - firefox/gconsole
  0017511    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2017-11-21Upstream update - webconfig-httpd
  0017901    [ClearOS]
minorresolved (pbaldwin)2017-11-21Upstream update - webconfig-php
  0017921    [ClearOS]
minorresolved (pbaldwin)2017-11-21Upstream update - kernel - ClearOS 6
  0017891    [ClearOS]
app-intrusion-detection - Intrusion Detection
tweakconfirmed2017-11-21Reduce confusion with IDS and IDS Updates
  0017871    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2017-11-16Consider migrating network API to NetworkManager
  0017851    [ClearOS]
app-greylisting - Mail Greylisting
featureconfirmed2017-11-16Add UI to populate postgrey whitelist
  0015101    [ClearOS]
app-qos - QoS
featureresolved (dsokoloski)2017-11-14Look into IFB - an IMQ replacement
  0004632    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
featureconfirmed2017-11-14Move fast-updates repo to Koji/mirror system
  0016131    [ClearOS]
app-clearcenter - ClearCenter Core
featureresolved (pbaldwin)2017-11-14Add Application Web Service downloads
  0017791    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minorconfirmed2017-11-14Samba may fail to start on boot
  0017841    [ClearOS]
app-mail-archive - Mail Archive
majorresolved (bchambers)2017-11-14CI upgrade broken redelivery
  0017831    [ClearOS]
minorresolved (bchambers)2017-11-14Checkbox widget requires ability to be hidden
  0015851    [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
featureconfirmed2017-11-14Tidy up packages in paid-testing repository
  0017821    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
featureconfirmed (pbaldwin)2017-11-14Add memory usage helper
  0017811    [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minorconfirmed (pbaldwin)2017-11-14Account uniqueness check expansion required
  0017801    [ClearOS]
app-users - User Manager
minorconfirmed (pbaldwin)2017-11-14Expand list of reserved user/group IDs
  00001413   [ClearOS]
app-storage - Storage
featureassigned (slords)2017-11-13RAID with LVM options at install
  0017781    [ClearOS]
app-openldap - OpenLDAP Driver
minorconfirmed2017-11-08Review certificate handling in OpenLDAP
  0017611    [ClearOS]
app-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewall
featureacknowledged2017-11-08Simplify Incoming FTP and FTPS firewall rules to enhance usability
  0017481    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minoracknowledged2017-11-08Usability issue with caps
  0017441    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
featureacknowledged2017-11-08Temperature settings and readings for UI and LCD support
  0017411    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
featureacknowledged2017-11-08Webconfig failed logins should have F2B configlet
  00173811   [ClearOS]
app-openvpn - OpenVPN
featureacknowledged2017-11-08Add certificate, key, and ca to ovpn file.
  0017231    [ClearOS]
app-openvpn - OpenVPN
featureacknowledged2017-11-08Add a button to re-enable automatic configuration
  00143711   [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
featurefeedback (mproper)2017-11-08Push out translated apps
  0017771    [ClearOS]
app-greylisting - Mail Greylisting
minorconfirmed2017-11-08app-greylisting whitelist is massively out of date
  0017721    [ClearOS]
app-web-proxy - Web Proxy
minorconfirmed (pbaldwin)2017-11-07Whitelist overlap causes bungled file.
  0017701    [ClearOS]
app-openldap - OpenLDAP Driver
featureacknowledged (pbaldwin)2017-11-07slapd.conf recovery
  0017671    [ClearOS]
app-language - Language
minorconfirmed2017-10-31Map glibc language codes to translation system
  00163411   [ClearOS]
anaconda - Installer
featureresolved (dloper)2017-10-25Upstream minor release change - anaconda
  0017621    [ClearOS]
app-registration - System Registration
featureconfirmed (pbaldwin)2017-10-24Provide a non-yum mechanism for updating app-registration
  0017311    [ClearOS]
app-registration - System Registration
tweakresolved (bchambers)2017-10-24Hardware ID not unique
  0017591    [ClearOS]
app-registration - System Registration
majorresolved (bchambers)2017-10-23Webconfig fails after update if using ISO prior to
  00108611   [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
trivialconfirmed (dloper)2017-10-19Pull in app-software-repository by default
  00018655   [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minoracknowledged2017-10-19SSL certificates: offer in the marketplace, suggest a list of providers, or explain why not
  0017551    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2017-10-18Changing NIC subnet can leave DHCP Server invalid
  00108913   [ClearOS]
app-dhcp - DHCP Server
featureconfirmed2017-10-18Add hook to hosts file for static leases
  0017541    [ClearOS]
minorconfirmed2017-10-18clearsync using a lot of CPU due to corrupt events.db
  0016631    [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
tweakconfirmed2017-10-18Review cloud-init changes
  00170514   [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakacknowledged (pbaldwin)2017-10-16Certificate manager should detected embedded intermediate chains
  0017421    [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
trivialacknowledged2017-10-10Provide a way to track third party trackers
  0017401    [ClearOS]
app-attack-detector - Attack Detector
featureassigned (bchambers)2017-10-10Expose findtime and maxretry parameters in Webconfig
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