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  00204711   [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
minorconfirmed2018-06-23Investigate why PPPoE cannot hit 1Gbs speeds
  0020461    [ClearOS]
app-multiwan - Multi-WAN
textnew2018-06-21Update the "IP" text in shource based routes to include subnets
  0019311    [ClearOS]
app-smtp - SMTP Server
featureconfirmed2018-06-20Integrate outbound mail settings with Postfix
  0020421    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minorconfirmed2018-06-20Docker bypasses any DNS Servers set in ClearOS and uses OpenVPN
  0020431    [ClearOS]
app-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewall
featureconfirmed2018-06-20Add a warning to the top of the incoming firewall about usage
  0020451    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minoracknowledged2018-06-20docker group not created on installation
  0020441    [ClearOS]
app-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewall
featureconfirmed2018-06-20Add extra validation step if services considered dangerous are opened
  0020401    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minornew2018-06-20Reduce ClearGLASS logging as to is too verbose
  0020381    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minornew2018-06-19Show warning when admin URL is indeterminate
  0020371    [ClearOS]
minornew2018-06-18Upstream update - kernel
  00203611   [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-14Allow ClearGLASS to start with a bit less than 8GB RAM
  0020351    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minorresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-12Firewall hook assumes docker0 interface exists
  0020341    [ClearOS]
app-qos - QoS
tweakacknowledged2018-06-11Change "Source/Destination Address" text to "Source/Destination Address/Subnet"
  0020331    [ClearOS]
app-dmz - Routed DMZ Firewall
minorconfirmed2018-06-11Cannot specify subnet in DMZ Incoming Connection
  0020321    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minorresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-08Require libcurl 7.29.0 or higher for socket support
  00173913   [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2018-06-08IPsec marking method is old school and conflicts with QoS
  00177911   [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minorconfirmed2018-06-08Samba may fail to start on boot
  0020311    [ClearOS]
featureresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-07Add Guzzle REST client to framework
  0020171    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-07Upstream update - samba
  0020031    [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-06-06Avoid pulling in UI on API dependencies on extensions and APIs
  0020301    [ClearOS]
featurenew2018-06-05Upgrade to OwnCloud 10.0.8
  00194311   [ClearOS]
app-ipsec - IPsec Engine
minorconfirmed2018-06-04Dynamic IPsec VPN meta-bug
  0020291    [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
featureassigned (bchambers)2018-06-01Enhance functionality of CLI flexshare script
  00202811   [ClearOS]
app-user-profile - User Profile
featureacknowledged (bchambers)2018-05-30Allow apps to insert user profile content
  00202511   [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2018-05-29Use kernel mode PPPoE rather than User mode
  0020191    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-29Merge cloud-init changes use in ClearOS AWS
  0020271    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
tweakassigned (pbaldwin)2018-05-29Add cloud-init to yum exclude upgrade
  0020261    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-29Add cloud-init to yum exclude
  0019951    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-29Update to 7.5.0
  0020241    [ClearOS]
app-marketplace - Marketplace
minorassigned (bchambers)2018-05-29Make logo/screenshot calls more robust to failure
  00198011   [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
featureconfirmed2018-05-29Remove the Windows 10 Domain Logons pref and always enable it
  0020231    [ClearOS]
app-accounts - Account Manager
tweakresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-24Remove Samba Directory driver options
  0020221    [ClearOS]
majorresolved (dsokoloski)2018-05-23Upstream update - kernel
  0014251    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2018-05-22Bridge interfaces should show their members when viewed
  0020201    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minornew2018-05-21Deleting a Computer from the Webconfig means Computer can no longer be re-added to Webconfig
  0020181    [ClearOS]
anaconda - Installer
minorresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-16Upstream update - anaconda
  0020141    [ClearOS]
app-bandwidth-viewer - Bandwidth Viewer
minoracknowledged2018-05-16Time not matching system time zone setting
  0014651    [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
featureconfirmed (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Update cloud release file
  0018761    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
tweakacknowledged2018-05-15Review resolver behavior in barebones environment
  0014881    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakconfirmed (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Add workflow for updating a renewed certificate
  0019841    [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
minorassigned (bchambers)2018-05-15Check if /etc/product is around
  0019391    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minorconfirmed2018-05-15Certificate manager should check cert on initialization
  0019341    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
featureconfirmed2018-05-15Add link to Let's Encrypt app
  0019271    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
majorconfirmed (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Update validation routines with proper lengths
  0019181    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
textconfirmed2018-05-15Change subcategory to "Security"
  0019171    [ClearOS]
app-registration - System Registration
featureassigned (bchambers)2018-05-15Require First/Last name on eval
  0019011    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minorconfirmed2018-05-15Review webconfig restart on Let's Encrypt renewal
  0018071    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakconfirmed (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Add hook for certificate changes
  00146013   [ClearOS]
build-images - Install images
minorconfirmed (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Create version friendly Linode Stackscript
  0018401    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureresolved (pbaldwin)2018-05-15Add support for creating bridge interfaces
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