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  0021231    [ClearCenter]
app-master-slave - Master/Slave
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-15Handle master base DN change
  0002561    [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Authentication problems when "Account Access" is set to "Password Access"
  0002541    [ClearOS]
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Enable Pyzor feature
  0002431    [ClearOS]
app-intrusion-detection - Intrusion Detection
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Remove old GPL ruleset from IDS app
  0002225    [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Improve repo handling for kernels, contribs and devel packages
  00021581   [ClearOS]
app-smtp - SMTP Server
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Does local_recipient_maps work with AD connector
  00014552   [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Add support for command line changes to DEVICE parameter
  0000250    [ClearOS]
app-users - User Manager
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Add account unlock feature for user accounts
  00136213   [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Detect when IMQ support is not available
  00056615   [ClearOS]
app-base - Base System
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Review user auth event
  0005611    [ClearOS]
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14tconsole generates a lot of noise in the audit log
  0005372    [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Resolve policy violation when moving package from contribs-testing to contribs
  0005362    [ClearOS]
app-zarafa-extension - Zarafa Account Extension
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Resolve policy violation when moving package from contribs-testing to contribs
  0004752    [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Proxy only mode not handled properly
  0004722    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Ensure that Flexshares Samba hooks are disabled on uninstall
  0003531    [ClearOS]
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Import pmacct into ClearOS 7
  0003021    [ClearOS]
app-date - Date and Time
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Review date app in wizard
  0002351    [ClearOS]
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Enable Razor/Pyzor in Amavis
  001592111 [ClearOS]
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Remote Security Audit sometimes identifies the wrong system
  0013861    [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Merge and rebuild for 6.9.0 - dhcp
  0013761    [ClearOS]
app-proxy-report - Proxy and Filter Report
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Migrate to purge-report-tables
  00123313   [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Consider disabling rp_filter on IPsec systems
  0018241    [ClearOS]
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14ClamAV install/update should trigger freshclam update
  0017251    [ClearOS]
app-web-server - Web Server
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Tidy up virtual host entry in ssl.conf
  00170514   [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Certificate manager should detected embedded intermediate chains
  0017021    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Allow wildcard for CSR common name?
  00115213   [ClearOS]
app-intrusion-detection - Intrusion Detection
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Remove RBN rules from Intrusion Prevention updates
  0021551 1 [ClearOS]
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Summary tables are not taking up full width
  0018171    [ClearOS]
app-web-server - Web Server
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Add a Web Server configuration to force https
  0017811    [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minorassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Account uniqueness check expansion required
  0017701    [ClearOS]
app-openldap - OpenLDAP Driver
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14slapd.conf recovery
  0012131    [ClearOS]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
tweakassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Verify that clean-lists script is up-to-date
  0011811    [ClearOS]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Add blacklist upgrade to API
  0022491    [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14Migrate to new Certificate Manager API - app-flexshare
  00136111   [ClearOS]
app-openvpn - OpenVPN
featureassigned (tracker)2018-12-14App-openvpn provides no way of disabling certificates
  0022551    [ClearCenter]
minornew2018-12-12Hook to renew Let's Encrypt certificates not working
  0022431    [ClearOS]
app-user-certificates - User Certificates
featureresolved (user2)2018-11-26Migrate to new Certificate Manager API
  0022451    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-11-21Upstream update - initscripts
  0022411    [ClearOS]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-11-21Upstream update - grub2
  00064612   [ClearCenter]
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2018-11-16Error message (utime) from yum plugin on first run
  0022441    [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (slords)2018-11-15Review Cleanup of Parsing commit and commit to clear7 if appropriate or branch to 8
  0022371    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minorconfirmed2018-11-13Impossible to stop ClearGLASS from the webconfig
  00141311   [ClearCenter]
minorassigned (dloper)2018-11-10Documentation needs links or messaging about all the different open source modules used
  0016721    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakresolved (user2)2018-11-09Tidy up method names
  0022351    [ClearOS]
featureresolved (user2)2018-11-09Add support for multi-dimensional dropdowns
  00221611   [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
tweakresolved (user2)2018-11-09When importing, the filter for allowable Names is incorrect
  0006441    [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (teamindia)2018-11-09Theme usability is suspect
  0002292    [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (teamindia)2018-11-09New theme is not keyboard friendly (needed for graphical console)
  0002113    [ClearOS]
minorassigned (teamindia)2018-11-09Theme needs to be mobile friendly
  00217111   [ClearOS]
minorresolved (user2)2018-11-07HttpOnly flag needs to be set
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