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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0021391    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.2.0
  0020931    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.1.0
  0020921    [ClearCenter]
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update to 3.1.0
  0020891    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Automate the upgrade process
  0020881    [ClearCenter]
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Automate the upgrade process
  0017161    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorresolved (user2)2018-10-30Update local file permissions on initialization
  0014671    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Add support for hidden groups
  00142812   [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
featureresolved (user2)2018-10-30Test time on target server before domain join and abort with warning if the time drift exceeds 1 minute.
  00141412   [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorresolved (user2)2018-10-30Add AD DNS resolution for primary domain membership in DNSMasq on creation
  0010871    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorresolved (user2)2018-10-30Return wbinfo group information sorted.
  0009341    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
tweakresolved (user2)2018-10-30Handle server max protocol
  0021971    [ClearOS]
minorconfirmed (teamindia)2018-10-25App info sidebar scrunched - another theme issue
  0021891    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minorconfirmed2018-10-18Provide a mechanism to notify Docker apps
  0021841    [ClearOS]
app-mail - Mail Engine
featureacknowledged2018-10-17Extend the Mail app to allow STARTTLS on port 587
  0021781    [ClearCenter]
app-network-map - Network Map
tweakacknowledged2018-10-09Remove deprecated dhcp/Dnsmasq class
  00202511   [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2018-10-03Use kernel mode PPPoE rather than User mode
  00215411   [ClearOS]
tweakconfirmed2018-09-24Remove and merge custom CSS classes
  0020641    [ClearOS]
web site
minorconfirmed2018-09-20Forum post breaks if an embedded link has a "-" in it
  0001870    [ClearOS]
app-events - Events System
featureconfirmed2018-09-04Add state and/or log file for app install/uninstall event
  0021191    [ClearOS]
tweakconfirmed2018-08-16Remove generic directories from manifest
  0015731    [ClearCenter]
app-antimalware-updates - Antimalware Updates
featureconfirmed2018-08-14Change signature update methodology - antimalware
  0016131    [ClearOS]
app-clearcenter - ClearCenter Core
featureresolved (user2)2018-08-14Add Application Web Service downloads
  0010591    [ClearCenter]
app-software-updates - Software Updates
featureacknowledged2018-08-13Add notification to updates
  0021011    [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
featureconfirmed2018-08-04Make LDAP only bind to interface IP's when Publish Policy is set to All Networks
  0020911    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minorconfirmed2018-07-25Remove workaround for reboot
  0020681    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minorconfirmed2018-07-11Regenerating the CA Cert does not trigger the webconfig to restart
  0020611    [ClearCenter]
app-clearglass - ClearGLASS Engine
minorconfirmed2018-07-09ClearGLASS installation needs to check for xfs ftype
  00171016   [ClearOS]
app-static-vpn-basic - Static VPN for Home
minorconfirmed2018-07-04The app-static-vpn interface is not robust at trapping input errors
  0019331    [ClearOS]
app-groups - Group Manager
minorconfirmed2018-06-25Slave systems should not assume groups have been initialized
  0020421    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minorconfirmed2018-06-20Docker bypasses any DNS Servers set in ClearOS and uses OpenVPN
  0020431    [ClearOS]
app-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewall
featureconfirmed2018-06-20Add a warning to the top of the incoming firewall about usage
  0020451    [ClearOS]
app-docker - Docker
minoracknowledged2018-06-20docker group not created on installation
  0020441    [ClearOS]
app-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewall
featureconfirmed2018-06-20Add extra validation step if services considered dangerous are opened
  0019421    [ClearOS]
app-kopano - Kopano
minorconfirmed2018-03-21Kopano issue with subscription check
  0019411    [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
minorconfirmed2018-03-21Kopano upstream packaging issues
  0019251    [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
minorconfirmed2018-02-27Enabling the recycled bin has no effect until smb is restarted (not reloaded)
  0019231    [ClearOS]
featureassigned (bchambers)2018-02-24Rebuild 2.3.9
  0019051    [ClearOS]
app-account-import - Account Import
featureacknowledged2018-02-21Add example field to all extension values
  00181912   [ClearOS]
system-base - Base System
featureacknowledged2018-02-21Add timestamp to bash history
  0018011    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
featureacknowledged2018-02-21Add prompt for passphrase when importing encrypted keys
  0019101    [ClearOS]
app-configuration-backup - Configuration Backup
featureconfirmed2018-02-16CLI tool for restore should default to stdout and show results
  00124411   [ClearCenter]
featureassigned (dloper)2018-02-12Migrate paid app repo system mid-release
  00157711   [ClearOS]
app-openvpn - OpenVPN
featureacknowledged2018-02-12Add tools to make getting OpenVPN working for client.
  0012271    [ClearOS]
blockacknowledged2018-02-12Updated HPE B140i driver
  0018821    [ClearOS]
app-kopano - Kopano
featureassigned (bchambers)2018-02-12Add support for new Kopano services that may be installed
  00157813   [ClearOS]
featureacknowledged2018-02-12Driver missing for HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 4-port 536FLR-T NIC
  00134312   [ClearOS]
featureassigned (bsingh)2018-02-12enter to next empty field
  0013421    [ClearOS]
featureconfirmed (bsingh)2018-02-12Active button usability when tabbing through menu
  0013331 1 [ClearOS]
minorassigned (bsingh)2018-02-12Menu system sidebar not locale friendly
  0015331    [ClearOS]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
featureassigned (teamindia)2018-02-12Add realtime Content Filter Dashboard widget
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