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0017721ClearOSapp-web-proxy - Web Proxypublic2017-11-06 06:062021-04-22 05:41
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Product Version7.4.0 
Target Version7.6.0 UpdatesFixed in Version 
Summary0017721: Whitelist overlap causes bungled file.
DescriptionWhen the whitelist file (squid_whitelist.conf) contains entries that are parent domains of a subdomain already listed, it causes the file to report bungled.

For example:

This will cause an error to be reported on the subsequent duplicate '' which bungles the file.

Validation should exist to prevent the addition of a bungled entry. This should be a two regex that look to see if an entry matches down to two objects (from 5 in example):

Should check:

...and check up (for example):

Should check:


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has duplicate 0021421closed Proxy fails to start if an ACL entry is a subdomain of another entry 
has duplicate 0007291closed No sanity check on whitelists 

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NickH (developer)
2021-04-22 05:41

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