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0000893ClearOSapp-ntp - NTP Serverpublic2012-12-14 10:552012-12-21 10:17
Assigned Touser2 
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Product Version6.3.0 Updates 
Target Version6.4.0 Beta 1Fixed in Version6.4.0 Beta 1 
Summary0000893: The timesync function should behave differently if ntp is running
DescriptionThe /usr/sbin/timesync function (run through the webconfig, daily by cron and possibly during boot up) uses ntpdate which uses a single time server,, to set the system time. If you are running ntp you are normally using different time servers so the nightly cron job introduces jitter. There is no obvious way of permanently disabling the cron job apart from commenting out the line and setting the immutable bit but this can cause problems if the program gets updated.

A better solution would be to change the /usr/sbin/timesync script so that if it detects ntpd running, instead of using the ntpdate command, it uses the "ntpd -q" command (or, failing that, just exits). The ntpq command would use the time servers configured for ntp so would not introduce any jitter.

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2012-12-14 10:57

SVN 5189

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