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0008891ClearOSspamassassinpublic2016-05-27 07:082019-06-06 06:01
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Product Version6.7.0 
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Summary0008891: spamassassin does not come preconfigured to load the DKIM plugin
Descriptionspamassassin does not come preconfigured to load the DKIM plugin

To fix, add the fillowing line to /etc/mail/spamassassin/init.pre:

loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugins::DKIM

I am not sure why one would not want to load the DKIM plugin. The SPF plugin is loaded.
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related to 0002234confirmed Maintain SpamAssassin in order to access more recent versions 

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NickH (developer)
2016-05-28 05:18

Please mark as invalid. The DKIM plugin is loaded, just not from the /etc/mail/spamassassin/init.pre file.

Also please note there may be a configuration issue. SA is configured to load its plugins from /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugins/ when specified in /etc/mail/spamassassin/init.pre but the folder does not exist. All plugins exist in /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/ - note no "s" on the end of Plugin.
2016-06-09 09:52

ClearOS 6.8.0 was supposed to get a backported ClearOS 7 mail stack (SpamAssassin, Amavis, ClamAV) with new features enabled, but only ClamAV was completed. See tracker 0002234 for example.

DKIM is enabled in ClearOS 7 (/etc/mail/spamassassin/v312.pre)

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