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0000886ClearOSapp-multiwan - Multi-WANpublic2012-12-13 10:442019-04-15 07:49
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Product Version6.3.0 Updates 
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Summary0000886: Multiwan takes a very long time to failover from ppp ifaces
Description,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,19/func,view/id,44316/ [^]
Multiwan module, at least when using ppp and ethernet interfaces, doesnt do a correct failover if the ppp iface doesnt work.
Freshly installed 6.3 x64, fully updated.
eth0 = lan
eth1 = static wan
eth2 = ppp0
I just configured ppp0, connected the vlan so the interface would appear UP to ClearOS. As expected pppoe doesnt establish (how could it) but the bad part is that the Multiwan doesnt take the hint and doesnt write the default route.
I dont know what's the problem with PPPOE but i always have trouble (not a few months ago, pppoe was taking almost 100% cpu time on both vms, had to go back to a backup to solve)
Steps To ReproduceFresh installed 6.3
Configure 1 LAN interface
Configure 1 External ETH interface (in this case, static IP)
Up until this point, everything (proxy, dns, etc) works, route command shows the default gateway set for the external eth.
Configure 1 External PPPoE interface (values dont matter)
shutdown -r now
After reboot, Multiwan doesnt assign a default gateway, internet connectivity is lost (even though the same external ETH from before was accesible)
I came to the system a few hours later to find the correct gateway and the ppp0 interface marked as offline in the multiwan module but it took more than 1 hour (i kept refreshing the route command).
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NickH (developer)
2019-04-15 07:49

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