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0000869ClearOSapp-zarafa - Zarafa Enginepublic2012-12-04 18:482019-03-14 06:04
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Summary0000869: Minor Feature/bug for send as alias for non-primary domain.
DescriptionThis is not the same feature/bug as zarafaSendAsPrivilege!

When you add an alias in ClearOS to the Aliases field in the User module it adds an attribute in OpenLDAP called clearMailAliases. This works great for incoming email. It even works for multiple domains as defined in the smtp server module for destination domains.

However, it does NOT work for sending out AS that alias that is defined. The reason why this is crucial and the zarafaSendAsPrivilege doesn't help here is that for zarafaSendAsPrivilege to work it would have to be a user which consumes a license and setting up a user for an alias is painful. So what does work is having the full email address as an attribute for clearMailAliases. So if my email alias address is then the following apply:

clearMailAliases: testing (works for incoming addresses)
clearMailAliases: (works for outgoing email)

Without the full address the Zarafa will reject sending out as the address.

Currently, the aliases field rejects full email addresses with the error message **mail_extension_mail_alias_is_invalid**

A suggested way to resolve this is to create an attribute for each iteration of an alias on the destination domains.

For example...if the following is the list of domains in the SMTP server:

Destination Domain:
Destination Domain:
Destination Domain:

and the alias added was: bob

Then the following attributes would be added to the user's account:
clearMailAliases: bob

The email bob@domain1 is NOT added because it is the main domain.

For deletion of alias, the user account should be enumerated for all address in the clearMailAliases and for each where the name deleted exactly matches the string before the @ symbol, an LDAP deletion should be made.

When a destination domain is added to the system, the clearMailAliases attributes which do NOT have an @ in them should be enumerated and the new destination domain should be added to the user's account.

When a destination domain (ie. is removed from the system, the clearMailAliases which contain the [a-z] should be removed from the system.

Lastly, full email addresses in the clearMailAliases field can also be used in conjunction distribution groups so that an individual from that distribution group can send as that distribution group. This feature is perhaps too advanced to be added at this time but this is how you would do it. If the attribute exists, the email outbound will pass.

This method avoids disabling security aspects which are meant to be anti spoofing in nature.

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NickH (developer)
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