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0005661ClearOSapp-base - Base Systempublic2015-10-16 20:282018-12-14 12:11
Assigned Totracker 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version7.1.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005661: Review user auth event
DescriptionAuthentication failures will trigger the event system. This can get very noisy on some systems:

- SMTP authentication scanning
- SSH scanning
- etc.

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NickH (developer)
2015-10-17 01:46

There is a very old thread,,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,39/func,view/id,45410/ [^] (now [^]) which more or less just changes a little rule ordering, allowing authentication to take place against ldap before it tries other methods. I don't understand or have not researched) the other changes fully (try_first_pass, use_first_pass etc) but I've been using the changes from when I implemented them in the thread with no obvious ill effects (but I am in a home environment so not so much at threat)
2015-11-09 20:25

More examples from the forums - [^]

- If I configure a password in my email client for SMTP, it can send email too (Good!). However, then I can see on the Dashboard "Event notifications" that I get SMTP Authentication Error every time my email client contact the SMTP server. Why? The password is correct and the username is defined in my ClearOS server and so is the email address...

- POP-password is required for the email client to pick up email (Good!). However, whenever the email client contacts the POP server and check if there are any emails to fetch, I also get a POP Authentication Error in the Dashboard Event Notifications. Since I have my email client to check for incomming mail every minute I pretty soon get several hundreds of these error messages turning the event notification into a pretty useless feature.
NickH (developer)
2016-08-14 01:56

The official RedHat solution has been published at [^] It looks like a variation on a theme.

Please can this old bug be resolved now there is an official RedHat solution?
NickH (developer)
2016-08-14 03:06

Forget it. The RedHat solution does not work:
Aug 14 09:17:35 server saslauthd[4264]: PAM unable to dlopen(/lib64/security/ /lib64/security/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Aug 14 09:17:35 server saslauthd[4264]: PAM adding faulty module: /lib64/security/

It also removes references to

Digging even further, it looks like the function of was taken over by from the sssd package, but this is not installed in ClearOS 6 or 7.
2016-08-15 11:03

The issue is still scheduled for 7.2.0 Updates, so it's still a high priority (relatively speaking). Thanks for keeping an eye on it!

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