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0001940ClearOSsystem-base - Base Systempublic2014-08-27 08:452020-09-14 06:16
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Summary0001940: A GUI for KVM or VirtualBox virtualization (An official ClearOS app with Kimchi, WebVirtMgr or phpVirtualBox)
DescriptionWe can already run Linux or Windows VMs on a ClearOS instance. [^] [^]

The next step is to have an app, with a web GUI like Kimchi, WebVirtMgr or phpVirtualBox.

Use cases:
* Running a Windows server on top of ClearOS
* Running some Windows clients for dedicated apps on top of ClearOS
** An organization may have a limited number of licenses of expensive apps (AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc) which some team members only need infrequently or that several users need access to but the app is not designed to be multi-user (ex.: legacy Accounting software)
* Team members with their complete desktop on VMs hosted by the ClearOS server and only access via RDP / Spice / VNC
** Benefits: avoid support of configuring their PC. They could have only a thin client.

Potential feature list
* For the admin
** A web GUI to create new VMs and assign permissions
** Port forwarding / NAT / firewall and protocols RDP / VNC / Spice / etc.
** Generate & restore manual snapshots (ex.: test an upgrade)
** Setup automated backups
** Setup file storage (Flexshares) so it's easy to share files among users
** Set up a folder which will automatically be synced with Flexshare
** Setup & schedule automated ClearOS Anti-malware / Anti-virus on these VMs
** LDAP integration (manage which user has access to which VMs)
* For the end user
** Access via RDP / VNC / Spice / etc.
** Roaming profiles
** Access to the FlexShares to which they allowed

Why this is important: On 2014-08-18, VirtualBox stopped working after a reboot following a kernel upgrade, which is a known issue
* [^]
* [^]

An official packaged app wouldn't let this happen :-)
Additional InformationRelated links:
* [^] (removed in 3.2)
* [^] (removed in 3.2)
** Ready why:,17928.0.html [^]
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marclaporte (manager)
2015-02-05 12:32

Luis & I will give Kimchi a go: [^]
NickH (developer)
2020-09-14 06:16

Migrated to [^]

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