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0001913ClearOSsystem-base - Base Systempublic2014-08-18 09:352020-09-14 05:51
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Summary0001913: Investigate support for some of the other large server providers like DigitalOcean, OVH, etc.
DescriptionThe Linode offering is fantastic:
1- Easy install of ClearOS thanks to the StackScript made by ClearOS [^]
2- Great admin panel for remote management, billing, etc.
3- Easy to upgrade / downgrade plan
4- Data centers in different countries (Japan, UK, USA)
5- Great prices and hourly billing (great for testing, and for temporary scaling up)
6- Affiliate commission going back to the ClearFoundation
6- etc.

However "Note that we do not accept bank/wire transfers, and we have no plans to support PayPal at this time." [^]

And some folks have preferences and/or legal requirements to host in their own country. Or they may already have an account with another provider.

We also have AWS EC2: [^]

Some big potential ones include:
OVH / Kimsufi: [^]
Rackspace: [^]
Azure: [^]
SoftLayer: [^]
DigitalOcean: [^]

These providers typically offer many distros, but if they don't offer ClearOS in the list, there should be something like StackScript or the capacity to upload an ISO. Or a wiki page with the steps.

Also worth looking into providers that are already advertising ClearOS support, such as: [^] (You need to ask tech support, and they will put ClearOS 6.4)

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