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0001859ClearOSapp-web-server - Web Serverpublic2014-07-14 19:012020-09-03 04:28
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StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
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Product Version6.5.0 
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Summary0001859: BackupPC - Fresh install of 6.5 - You don't have permission to access /backuppc on this server.
Description1- Fresh install on Linode [^]

2- Install BackupPC from the market place

3- Set password as in: [^]

I am instructed: "Follow the link to access the BackupPC management tool. Please set the password for the BackupPC administrator (username backuppc) using the form below."

4- When I click the link, I am sent to: [^]

And I get: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /backuppc on this server.

* This is a fresh install, which reports ClearOS Community release 6.5.0 (Final)

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marclaporte (manager)
2014-07-14 19:22

I activated the repo "clearos-updates-testing" and now I have ClearOS Community release 6.6.0 Beta (Beta 1). The issue remains.

timb80 (developer)
2014-07-15 00:20
edited on: 2014-07-15 00:21

This isn't the place for support but did you set a password first?

The error is resolved by restarting the webconfig service as the backuppc web server alias has not been properly picked up. This should happen automatically after install but I'll investigate

marclaporte (manager)
2014-07-15 07:54

Yes, I did set the password, as per the instructions. I even fixed a typo in that UI :-)

I get the error message and no login interface.
timb80 (developer)
2014-07-20 15:37

Marc-can you confirm if the link works after restarting the webconfig service? i.e. you are given a user prompt rather than an error
marclaporte (manager)
2014-07-21 16:27

I just retested all the steps above with a 6.5 and rebooted the server at the end.

The issue remains.
marclaporte (manager)
2014-07-22 10:18

As a longer term solution, perhaps apps like this should be accessible via a subdomain like:
timb80 (developer)
2014-08-13 16:17

I think I may have identified the problem. The BackupPC admin interface is by default not accessible from an external domain (as a security default)

But should be accessible via the internal IP address or hostname. If this is too restrictive you can remove the restrictions by editing /usr/clearos/sandbox/etc/httpd/conf.d/BackupPC.conf and restarting the webconfig service
NickH (developer)
2020-09-03 04:28

6.x but. If it exists in 7.x please open a new issue on Gitlab.

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