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0001714ClearOSpublic2014-05-26 08:292015-11-14 20:37
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Summary0001714: Prosody XMPP app as a step towards Unified Communications
DescriptionWe have a working manual procedure: [^] [^]

Should progressively become an app in the context of a more global "Unified Communications" app. We start with XMPP and add SIP later. Inspîration: [^]
The reference client is Jitsi, but it should work with any XMPP/SIP client

We'll want a basic admin panel for Prosody, and perhaps a link to a standalone more complete admin panel. At a minimum:
* Which users have access to app as per app/groups/edit_members/xmpp_plugin in the current docs
* Activate / deactivate Prosody

And progressively, add more options/settings like:
* [^]
* Activate Jitsi Meet: [^] & Jitsi Videobridge
* Standard XMPP multi-user chat room server on
** Web client (use the one from Jitsi Meet or another?)
** Default chat room per group
** Searchable chat logs
** IRC bridge
* What if ClearOS is installed on a subdomain? Need SRV records...
* Turn server
** [^]
** [^]
* Interop with Zarafa -> [^]
* See also: [^]
* [^]
** Was added to, [^] but perhaps would be better in ClearOS.
** Jitsi should access address book contacts from ClearOS.
* SIP support
** [^]

This list is just to give an idea of the overall scope. Let's start one small step at a time.

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marclaporte (manager)
2014-05-26 08:45

Here is an example of a DNS setup: [^]
marclaporte (manager)
2015-01-21 23:24


I have been running Prosody on a few ClearOS servers for several months (mostly with Jitsi, but also a bit of Pidgin) and it works very very well.

Here are some notes on a basic Prosody app

Bare bones:
1- automate [^]
2- set XMPP domain name (likely same as email) -> SRV records

3- Secure by default: [^]
4- Set up a MUC (multi-user chat) room server on
5- Warning about opening up appropriate firewall ports

Pretty much all the rest can be easily configured by simply editing a text file: [^]

Prosody 0.9.x for EPEL6 [^]

Prosody for EPEL7 [^]
marclaporte (manager)
2015-06-13 12:34
edited on: 2015-06-13 12:34

Prosody is now all up to date for EPEL5, EPEL6 and EPEL7 [^]

Next step: a nice GUI!

marclaporte (manager)
2015-11-14 20:37

For the record, this has changed to Openfire Meetings: [^]

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