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0011271ClearOSwebconfig-httpdpublic2016-11-27 19:572017-08-13 13:06
Assigned Topbaldwin 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version7.2.0 
Target Version7.4.0 Beta 1Fixed in Version7.4.0 Beta 1 
Summary0011271: Webconfig restart noise with VLAN
DescriptionIf you create VLAN's or virtual interfaces, you could end up with configuration that looks something like this:

# ISP Maximum Speeds

Webconfig's /usr/libexec/webconfig/ tries to source the clearos network.conf file and will throw some ugly (but not fatal) warnings:

bash: ENP0S3.1_MAX_DOWNSTREAM=0: command not found
bash: ENP0S3.1_MAX_UPSTREAM=0: command not found
bash: ENP0S3.1234_MAX_DOWNSTREAM=0: command not found
bash: ENP0S3.1234_MAX_UPSTREAM=0: command not found

Should naming convention be changed to underscore instead of dots? Perhaps too big a change for annoyance issue.

Could source ignore some of these lines in network.conf?

Log as 'annoyance'...just something to think about.
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pbaldwin (administrator)
2016-12-05 20:42

The period in the VLAN interface name is a standard convention, so the API will need to handle that scenario.

Note: I was unable to duplicate the configuration -- the GUI does not show speed test / bandwidth settings for VLAN and Virtual interfaces.
bchambers (administrator)
2016-12-06 07:26

Hmm...this was discovered on my development box, so I'm betting those entries got added during development of the bw speed test feature before it was impossible to configure speed on a VLAN or virtual interface.

I think we can close as "not a bug".
pbaldwin (administrator)
2017-08-12 06:39

Simple fix - [^]

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