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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001313    [ClearOS]
tweakconfirmed2013-09-10Always send payload through to all antivirus scanners
  0001299    [ClearOS]
app-web-proxy - Web Proxy
featureconfirmed2013-09-05Add a flag to allow / disallow HotLAN access to proxy
  0001297    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minorconfirmed2013-09-03On network change, delete wins.dat and restart nmb if it is running
  0001288    [ClearCenter]
clearsdn-content-filter - Content Filter Updates
tweakconfirmed2013-08-21Add tag to "ads" blacklist to provide the proper hook for the logadblocks parameter
  00012851   [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
tweakconfirmed2013-08-20Improve HTTPS usability in web server access to Flexshares
  0001026    [ClearCenter]
app-kaspserky-gateway - Kaspersky Gateway
featureconfirmed2013-07-24Upgraded to SDK 8 build Q1 2013
  0001247    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minorassigned (dloper)2013-07-23Samba BDC mode produces errors when configured across WAN VPN links
  0001231    [ClearOS]
app-reports - Report Engine
minorconfirmed2013-07-17Make sure data points with really bad timestamps (clock skew) don't mess up the reports
  0001229    [ClearCenter]
app-remote-backup - Remote Server Backup
majorassigned (bchambers)2013-07-17Unable to select any restore image other than most recent from Webconfig UI
  00009841   [ClearOS]
app-mail-settings - Mail Settings
minorconfirmed2013-06-26Unable to set mail domain due to missing clearMasterNode objectclass in LDAP
  0001148    [ClearOS]
app-bandwidth-viewer - Bandwidth Viewer
minorconfirmed2013-05-21GMT shown on graph axis instead of local time
  000108011 [ClearOS]
app-raid - RAID Manager
majorconfirmed (bchambers)2013-05-16Software RAID reports wrong disk failed
  0001132    [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
tweakconfirmed2013-05-01Remove firewall restart when PPPoE interface comes up
  0001127    [ClearOS]
app-network-report - Network Report
tweakconfirmed2013-04-29Add VPN interfaces to report
  00011071   [ClearCenter]
minoracknowledged2013-04-26Creating new certificate authority renders the expire date as 1902.
  0001094    [ClearCenter]
app-security-audit - Security Audit
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2013-04-11passwordless executable segfaults
  00004681   [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorconfirmed2013-04-10Weird behavior in getent leads to missing full name when retrieving user info
  00010367   [ClearCenter]
app-zarafa - Zarafa
featureassigned (bchambers)2013-04-03Zarafa out of office appears to not work
  0001076    [ClearCenter]
tweakconfirmed2013-04-01Add versioning to the edition upgrade repo
  0001056    [ClearOS]
app-resource-report - Resource Report
tweakconfirmed2013-03-26Check database initialization before running data insert
  0001054    [ClearOS]
build-release - Operating System
minorconfirmed2013-03-25Development packages are released from testing earlier than the core RPM
  0001052    [ClearOS]
app-reports - Report Engine
featureconfirmed2013-03-25Add "warning" and "danger" bars
  0000972    [ClearOS]
app-mail-quarantine - Mail Quarantine
featureconfirmed2013-02-07Allow administrator to filter out spam messages
  00003932   [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (dsokoloski)2013-01-10Bump max children to support large networks
  0000441    [ClearCenter]
app-advanced-networking - Advanced Networking
featureassigned (dsokoloski)2012-10-23Add bridge support in the UI
  0000210    [ClearCenter]
app-advanced-networking - Advanced Networking
featureconfirmed (dsokoloski)2012-10-23Bridge interfaces
  0000097    [ClearCenter]
app-advanced-networking - Advanced Networking
featureacknowledged2012-10-23Add static route configuration to webconfig
  0000726    [ClearCenter]
tweakconfirmed2012-08-28Upgrade kavscan to new version
  0000443    [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
featureassigned (dsokoloski)2012-06-13Add bypass / failover support
  0000546    [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
featureconfirmed2012-06-13Implement LCDProc
  0000514    [ClearCenter]
app-registration - System Registration
featureconfirmed2012-03-31Ask questions to better understand usage
  0000190    [ClearCenter]
app-remote-backup - Remote Server Backup
textassigned (dsokoloski)2012-02-07Simplify outbound mail for remote server backup issues
  0000422    [ClearOS]
anaconda - Installer
tweakconfirmed2012-01-06Installer seems to hang after installing last package
  0000339    [ClearCenter]
app-dns-and-domains - DNS and Domain Services
featureassigned (bchambers)2011-11-20Migrate app to new framework
  0000193    [ClearCenter]
app-managed-vpn - Managed VPN
featureconfirmed2011-10-18Add custom OpenVPN client with automatic hooks into certificate handling
  0000230    [ClearCenter]
app-clearcenter - ClearCenter Core
minorconfirmed2011-02-18Re-enable version update
  00001571   [ClearCenter]
app-remote-backup - Remote Server Backup
featureassigned (dsokoloski)2011-02-07General improvements to remote backup
  00001371   [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
minorassigned (bchambers)2010-10-07ClearBOX tracking requires logout to select next box
  00000754   [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2010-09-15Aux temp on ClearBOX mis-reads as critical
  0000121    [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
minorconfirmed2010-08-04VPN users can bypass content filter policies even when connected from the local LAN
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