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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001822    [ClearOS]
app-zarafa-community - Zarafa
minorconfirmed2014-06-26Zarafa: force https use for all data & related security enhancements
  00017572   [ClearOS]
app-zarafa-community - Zarafa
featureacknowledged2014-06-15Zarafa should report if ports should be opened on the firewall
  0001736    [ClearOS]
app-web-acl - Web Access Control
minorconfirmed2014-06-03Exception triggered if user specifies start time later than end time
  00017321   [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
featureconfirmed2014-06-02Allow users to reset permissions
  0001730    [ClearCenter]
app-bandwidth-monitor - Bandwidth Monitor
featureacknowledged2014-06-02Launch Remote Bandwidth Monitor
  0001594    [ClearOS]
app-openldap - OpenLDAP Driver
featureconfirmed2014-05-29Detect situation when synchronization fails, then perform a full re-synch
  00017182   [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minorassigned (bchambers)2014-05-29Email can no longer authenticate after Directory Server domain change
  00017212   [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minoracknowledged2014-05-28Changing Directory Server Base Domain stopped OpenVPN from routing
  0001507    [ClearOS]
app-clearcenter - ClearCenter Core
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2014-05-27Add Suva pool connections
  0001708    [ClearOS]
app-nat-firewall - 1-to-1 NAT
minorconfirmed2014-05-21Verify behavior if ICMP forwarding when single port is forwarded
  0001622    [ClearOS]
minorassigned (bchambers)2014-04-30During wizard, hide "My Account" icon
  0001598    [ClearOS]
app-marketplace - Marketplace
featureassigned (bchambers)2014-04-30Long QSF lists can take time to upload and should be ajax'd.
  00015671   [ClearOS]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
tweakconfirmed2014-04-30Allow end user to tweak foreign phrase lists
  0001679    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
minorconfirmed2014-04-28Users are not enumerated in nested groups
  0001673    [ClearOS]
tweakassigned (bchambers)2014-04-25Migrate Marketplace code to Marketplace app
   00016781   [ClearOS]
trivialassigned (bchambers)2014-04-25Plex Media server returns error on first run
  0001677    [ClearOS]
featureconfirmed2014-04-24Add Snort's community rules
  00014741   [ClearOS]
app-configuration-backup - Configuration Backup
tweakconfirmed2014-04-22Remove strict versioning on configuration backups
  0001498    [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2014-04-22/usr/sbin/firewall-start with help flag (-h) sets panic mode flag
  0001675    [ClearOS]
app-content-filter - Content Filter
featureconfirmed2014-04-22Add a blurb to help user understand how the filtering works
  0001660    [ClearCenter]
app-active-directory - Active Directory Connector
tweakacknowledged2014-04-08Optimize the level of caching
  0001658    [ClearCenter]
featureacknowledged2014-04-08Notify end user that master has been unreachable for X amount of time
  0001641    [ClearOS]
app-proxy-report - Proxy and Filter Report
minorconfirmed2014-03-31Proxy report does not provide user information on blacklist hits
  0001619    [ClearOS]
app-openldap-directory - Directory Server
minorconfirmed2014-03-18As a fallback, the OpenLDAP directory initialization on a slave system should be checked
  0001616    [ClearOS]
app-certificate-manager - Certificate Manager
minorconfirmed2014-03-14Do string length check of certificate fields to avoid cryptic error messages
  0001615    [ClearOS]
app-log-viewer - Log Viewer
featureconfirmed2014-03-14Parse the date of the logs to make it a clickable sort column
  0001614    [ClearCenter]
app-security-audit - Security Audit
minorconfirmed2014-03-13Update 64-bit config
  0001612    [ClearOS]
app-administrators - Administrators
featureassigned (bchambers)2014-03-13Add select all feature to Administrators app
  0001600    [ClearOS]
majorconfirmed2014-03-13set_message does not always get set in session
  0001611    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
minorconfirmed2014-03-13Lose users during wizard who ignore the network warning
  0001610    [ClearOS]
app-network - Network Settings
featureconfirmed2014-03-13Check status of network cards and notify end user if there is a problem
  0001608    [ClearOS]
minorconfirmed2014-03-12Printing, via samba, from my WinPC’s on my LAN does not work without a workaround.
  0001607    [ClearOS]
minorconfirmed2014-03-12CUPS web interface will most of the time not allow access the “admin” pages where you can change/add printers
  0001606    [ClearOS]
minorconfirmed2014-03-12CUPS "Add Printer" does not work
  0001554    [ClearOS]
app-firewall - Firewall
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2014-02-12The settings for MultiWAN Backup Only stop static routes between LAN and backup WAN working
  000142483 [ClearOS]
app-multiwan - Multi-WAN
minorassigned (dsokoloski)2014-02-12The settings for MultiWAN Backup Only stop static routes between LAN and backup WAN working
  0001540    [ClearOS]
app-flexshare - Flexshares
tweakconfirmed2014-02-04Disable folder ownership check
  0001525    [ClearCenter]
app-network-map - Network Map
tweakconfirmed2014-01-21Handle bogon and 169 addresses - clutter
  0001413    [ClearCenter]
app-clearcare - ClearCARE Support
minorassigned (bchambers)2014-01-21Add ClearCARE support manager to webconfig
  0001522    [ClearOS]
app-samba-common - Samba Common
featureconfirmed2014-01-20Add support for idmap configurations to support "Trusted Domains"
  0001512    [ClearOS]
app-intrusion-prevention - Intrusion Prevention
featureconfirmed2014-01-14Extend Intrusion Prevention WHitelisting to allow CIDR and FQDN notation
  0001495    [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
majorassigned (dloper)2014-01-02Add storage mapping for Mail Archive
  0001494    [ClearCenter]
app-clearbox - ClearBOX
majorconfirmed (dloper)2014-01-02Add storage mapping for /var/lib/zarafa
  00014591   [ClearOS]
app-resource-report - Resource Report
minorconfirmed2014-01-02Memory chart is not drawn properly
  0001417    [ClearOS]
app-network-visualizer - Network Visualizer
featureassigned (bchambers)2013-12-20Would be nice to see hostnames in addition to IP's on src and dest
  0001479    [ClearOS]
app-samba - Windows Networking
minoracknowledged2013-12-19Potential caching issue with winbind
  00014561   [ClearOS]
app-syswatch - System Watch
minoracknowledged2013-12-10Syswatch does not set default route to primary network interface if secondary interface is still up
  00012871   [ClearCenter]
app-zarafa-small-business - Zarafa Small Business
featureconfirmed2013-10-29Set default Zarafa install version to 7.1.x
  0001398    [ClearCenter]
app-network-map - Network Map
featureconfirmed2013-10-21Add purge support to remove old MACs
  0001288    [ClearCenter]
clearsdn-content-filter - Content Filter Updates
tweakconfirmed2013-08-21Add tag to "ads" blacklist to provide the proper hook for the logadblocks parameter
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