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0000708ClearCenterapp-google-apps - Google Appspublic2012-08-15 08:462018-12-15 09:00
0000708: Adding an 'external' email to Google Groups causes sync failure notification
In a Google defined group, a member could be a user of the domain used by Google Apps, but could also be an external email. Adding an external email to a group causes a notification event when the user (parsed string before the @ in a email) is not a user on ClearOS.

The sync should check the domain, and only sync when the domain matches the Google Apps domain.
Sample message sent:

Error Message
An update error occurred.: The server encountered the following errors processing the request:
Error 1301: EntityDoesNotExist
    Invalid Input: ""
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2012-08-20 07:10   
That's messy since:

1) it seems like a bad security practice
2) the external e-mail would have to be in LDAP, or the group would have to be managed in both ClearOS and Google Apps

That first one is a bit of a showstopper IMHO. If I share a document for the "sales" group, I would want to know that only internal members have access. "Best Practice" might be to create new groups for all groups with external members, e.g.

- sales:
  A normal group with only usernames

- sales-external
 A group that includes the "sales" group, and a list of external members.

Regardless, something needs to be done here.