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0005441ClearOSapp-samba-directory - Samba Directorypublic2015-10-05 18:092018-10-30 18:28
7.1.0 RC1 
0005441: Changing Administrator password breaks app-user.
Changing the Administrator password via 'app-users' causes the Users and Groups modules to throw Oops.

Changing the password back via command line ('samba-tool user setpassword Administrator') fixes the issue.

If app-users and app-groups needs to know the Administrator password to function, perhaps asking the admin to supply the Administrator password instead of catching 'Oops' will fix the issue.
Initialize the Samba Directory by creating a password for Administrator ('P@s$w0rd1'). Next, go into the app-users module. Edit the Administrator. Insert Firstname as 'Samba' and lastname as 'Administrator'. Insert the password and confirm password to 'P@s$w0rd2'. The app-users and app-groups will throw exception.

From command line run:

samba-tool user setpassword Administrator

Set the password back to 'P@s$w0rd1'. Look in app-users. It should be working again.
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