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0004742ClearOSapp-network - Network Settingspublic2015-09-01 09:542019-02-22 21:48
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0004742: /usr/sbin/network fails to properly enumerate mon.wlanX
When a device exists like 'mon.wlan0' the /usr/sbin/network program throws and exception:

PHP warning: ifconfig_flags: No such device - /usr/clearos/apps/network/libraries/Iface_Manager.php (469)

It cause here seems to be in triggered by /usr/clearos/apps/network/libraries/Iface_Manager.php which enumerates the devices by ignoring or splitting the portion after a period '.wlan0' part and will fail to enumerate a simple 'mon'. This may be the result of trimming that is done for VLAN interfaces but the case match is too aggressive and will match letter/number combinations instead of numbers only.

Consequently, if a user is using mon.wlanX for any purpose, apps which enumerate interfaces using this method (like LDAP) will fail to start due to the exception that is thrown.
Create an interface like mon.wlan0 then run

/usr/sbin/network --get-lan-ips | grep -v debug

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related to 0003171closed user2 Re-enable error reporting suppression 
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2015-09-01 10:05   
Another thing to add as an effective workaround and may be useful for the init script is to change the following in /etc/init.d/slapd:

for LANIP in `/usr/sbin/network --get-lan-ips | grep -v debug`; do


for LANIP in `/usr/sbin/network --get-lan-ips | grep -v debug | grep -v warn`; do
2015-09-01 14:06   
The root cause is from the issue described in 0003171. The developer explicitly suppresses warnings in the ifconfig_flags() call (and other calls), but that suppression is ignored. The fix was a small but significant change that was pushed out in ClearOS 7 Beta 3. We can definitely backport post ClearOS 7.
2018-08-15 06:00   
Still waiting on access to a test device. On hold.
2019-02-22 21:48   
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