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8.0.0 Beta 1 
0004632: Move fast-updates repo to Koji/mirror system
The clearos-bootstrap repo exists to get around limitations of the build and mirror systems. The repo will no longer be required once the following limitations have been removed:

- Ability to upload upstream tarballs (e.g. dropbox binaries) to the build system.

- Ability to update *all* mirrors on demand to deploy emergency fixes.

- Improved repo update time. Waiting half a day for a repo change is painful - the SDN/Marketplace repos are fully up-to-date every hour (and on demand).

- At least 2 developers (primary, backup) must be able to understand and fix build/mirror issues. In the past, we have had to wait on a single person for critical path issues. That's not sustainable.

Note: a speedy update repo was also discussed in the CentOS project. Details here: [^]
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