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0022551ClearCenterclearglass-communitypublic2018-12-12 07:022018-12-12 09:18
7.5.0 Updates 
0022551: Hook to renew Let's Encrypt certificates not working
It looks like clearglass-community initialises itself taking a snapshot of the current Let's Encrypt certificate and key and places them in /var/lib/clearglass/config/ssl/certs. Unfortunately, when Let's Encrypt renews its certificates the new ones are not picked up by clearglass-community and the certificates eventually expire.

I did try configuring /var/lib/clearglass/config/ssl/nginx_certs.conf with paths to the Let's Ecrypt live certificates, but nginx cannot read them (chrooted environment or not able to follow symlinks possibly).

I've found a hook: /var/clearos/certificate_manager/state/clearglass.conf but it does not look like it is working.
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