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0022541ClearOSapp-imap - IMAP and POP Serverpublic2018-12-10 14:352019-05-03 02:01
7.5.0 Updates 
7.5.0 Updates7.5.0 Updates 
0022541: filter for cyrus-imap jail does not work
The default filter for the cyrus-imap jail in /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/cyrus-imap.conf does not work on our logs. The filter is:
failregex = ^%(__prefix_line)sbadlogin: \S+ ?\[<HOST>\] \S+ .*?\[?SASL\(-13\): (authentication failure|user not found): .*\]?$

Typical failure lines are POP failed logins are:
Dec 7 15:39:29 mail pop3[21087]: badlogin: [] plaintext champagne SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed
Dec 7 15:39:29 mail pop3[21089]: badlogin: [] plaintext harold SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed
Dec 7 15:39:29 mail pop3[21090]: badlogin: [] plaintext crystal SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed
Dec 7 15:39:29 mail pop3[21088]: badlogin: [] plaintext bob SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed

These do not get detected.

If the filter is changed to:
failregex = ^%(__prefix_line)sbadlogin: .*\[<HOST>\] \S+ .*?\[?SASL\(-13\): (authentication failure|user not found): .*\]?$

the lines are then detects. The problem is the first \S (non-whitespace character) where our logs only have a space between "badlogin:" and the IP address. If you change the \S for a ".*", everything that would have been picked up by the first filter still gets picked up, and our log failures get detected.

There seem to be three approaches to fix this:
1 - get upstream to fix (good luck)
2 - add an /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/cyrus-imap.local with a modified filter. This is what I do (and have done for a couple of years)
3 - add a filter to /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/clearos-cyrus-imap.conf. I don't know if this will work, but I think it will. I think it takes precedence over /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/cyrus-imap.conf but defers to /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/cyrus-imap.local which should be under the user's control. This needs testing, but would be the ideal route as ClearOS can override upstream and the user can still override ClearOS.
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2018-12-11 04:37   
I have subsequently determined that the issue could also be fixed by pushing fail2ban-server-0.9.7-1.el7.noarch through from epel-unverified.

In that case my patch to app-imap can be backed out.
2018-12-14 12:37   
Now fixed as app-imap-2.5.8 in updates testing.
Also needs fail2ban-server-0.9.7 from epel unverified
2019-02-01 12:31   
Resolved by releasing fail2ban-server-0.9.7 from ELEP