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0022371ClearCenterapp-clearglass - ClearGLASS Enginepublic2018-11-13 04:292018-11-13 08:39
0022371: Impossible to stop ClearGLASS from the webconfig
If you navigate to Webconfig > System > Management > ClearGLASS Community and click on the stop button, ClearGLASS stops but then restarts itself a few moments later. This is **with** Dave's updated clearglass.system unit file from clearos-updates testing

I have a feeling the stop button not stopping the new clearglass.service but doing something else. The clearglass.service is then seeing clearglass down and restarting it. If this is so, the Start/Stop button needs to be changed to just stop the clearglass.service.

A "systemctl stop clearglass.service" works fine from the command line.
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