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0021641ClearOSapp-services - Services Managerpublic2018-10-01 06:362018-10-24 18:02
7.5.0 Updates7.5.0 Updates 
0021641: Sorting and scope confusion and issues
In the Services (Manager) there is confusion with the sorting. The first set of up/down arrows belong to an untitled column (Running?) and clicking on it sorts into those started and those stopped. The arrows really look like the belong to the Service column but they don't. Sorting by Service works and affects the arrows to the right of the Service column header. Sorting by Startup does nothing obvious except the up and down arrows change when you click on the header. No sorting appears to happen.

Can the Header row be tidied up?

On a separate issue, the scope of the app seems to be indeterminate. It does not cover all the init.d items or the systemd unit files, but it covers a lot of them.
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Hopefully we'll be able to tidy up the header without the need to update the theme.

> On a separate issue, the scope of the app seems to be indeterminate.

It only covers the daemons that are registered with ClearOS. Apps (e.g. OpenVPN) can drop a configlet file in /var/clearos/apps/daemons to register a daemon in the ClearOS API system. In the old days, we used to provide generic hooks into all the start/stop init scripts, but that was removed due to user confusion and not-so-great 3rd party init scripts.
2018-10-01 15:06   

Only the "Service Description" and "Service" columns will now be sortable. The theme doesn't have support for specifying sort values, so the "Enable/Disable" and "Startup" columns are not sortable for now.