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0021521ClearOSapp-certificate-manager - Certificate Managerpublic2018-09-24 07:502019-02-23 13:43
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7.6.0 Updates 
0021521: Extend system certificate tool for preferred certs
The new system certificate tool provides a common way to deploy certificates to other apps. The tool provides either the "bootstrap certificates" (auto-generated with defaults) or - if available - the "system certificates" (created by administrator via webconfig).

Most apps only initialize just once and will accept either type of certificate. However, the OpenLDAP system for master/slave mode eventually needs to the "system certificates" when these become available. So the workflow is:

- OpenLDAP initializes with the bootstrap key
- When master/slave mode is enabled, the system certificate is required and deployed via an event

Tracker 0021511 needs this functionality added the system certificate tool.
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