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0021001ClearOSapp-dns - DNS Serverpublic2018-08-04 07:072020-01-22 04:09
0021001: Make dnsmasq only bind to interface IP's
In order to run Docker/Samba Domain Controller on a LAN IP within ClearOS, dnsmasq needs to be changed to bind on LAN IP's only, otherwise, if you set up a Virtual IP in ClearOS ,dnsmasq will bind to that as well, stopping the Docker/Samba Domain Controller from binding to port 53.

There appear to be two ways of doing this:
For both set "bind-interfaces" in /etc/dnsmasq.conf

Then either:
set listen-address to all the LAN interface basic IP's (including docker interfaces) and loopback - you don't need to bother about WAN IP's. You must exclude virtual IP's.
set "except-interface=" to your list of virtual interfaces e.g. enp2s0f1:0

If you use the "except-interface" solution, you can also create exceptions for all WAN interfaces to ensure this parameter has a value.

Note you cannot use the "interface=" parameter as this will cause dnsmasq to also bind to the virtual IP's.

Also note the "except-interface" method does not allow wildcards so you cannot except *:*

I have not tested with VLANs but I would have thought they'd need to also listen.
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I cannot reproduce the comment about specifying the interfaces with an "interface=" line as it does seem to bind to the specified interfaces only so could be a good option as it is the same as the Samba set of interfaces.
Note you'd need to bind to all LAN/HotLAN interfaces and the docker0 interface (if you want docker/ClearGLASS to use an internal resolver there is a separate bug for this).
2020-01-22 04:09   
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