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0002051ClearOSapp-base - Base Systempublic2014-12-02 12:052020-01-14 04:46
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0002051: wc-yum refuses to install when duplicate package are installed
wc-yum fails on duplicates, while the equivalent yum seems okay with it

# yum install xyz
Warning: RPMDB altered outside of yum.
** Found 46 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s), 'yum check' output follows:
clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140913.1026.noarch is a duplicate with clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140912.1026.noarch
clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140914.1026.noarch is a duplicate with clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140913.1026.noarch
clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140915.1025.noarch is a duplicate with clearsdn-antimalware-6.1-20140914.1026.noarch

... and xyz installs successfully.
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2020-01-14 04:46   
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