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0020441ClearOSapp-incoming-firewall - Incoming Firewallpublic2018-06-20 02:142021-11-11 06:02
0020441: Add extra validation step if services considered dangerous are opened
Please add an extra validation step if the sysop tries to open incoming services that are generally considered dangerous to open to the internet (e.g. NetBIOS, SMB, SMB over TCP). It should throw some sort of "Are you really sure" warning, and perhaps note that the services are open to the LAN without any extra rule being added.

I have recently been on to 2 customer systems and have noted that the NetBIOS and SMB ports had been opened to the internet and I warned the customers who both said they only did it so people on the LAN could access the file shares ...... It could be valid in rare use cases in Gateway mode but most times won't be. It could easily be valid in Standalone with Firewall. It is the Gateway mode I really want to cover with this change.
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