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0019751ClearOSapp-base - Base Systempublic2018-04-03 12:532019-02-23 20:27
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8.0.0 Beta 1 
0019751: Migrate install wizard to app-clearcenter
The install wizard in app-base relies on "app-edition" which in turn relies on "app-registration" and "app-clearcenter". This introduces an unwanted dependency for app-base! That's problematic for running API and unit tests. For example, the "app-date/Date" app should not have to pull in the registration system to test a timezone change.

To keep things stable in ClearOS 7, we'll simply migrate the "start install wizard directive" to app-clearcenter and leave app-base as-is. The API/unit tests then won't have to pull in the unwanted dependencies.

In ClearOS 8, we'll do a proper migration of the wizard workflow to app-clearcenter.
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