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0001953ClearOSapp-network - Network Settingspublic2014-09-10 10:032018-10-09 10:03
7.5.0 Updates7.5.0 Updates 
0001953: Adding VLAN interface to network configuration does not add interface to role in network.conf
When adding a VLAN interface in IP Settings, the network interface is not added to /etc/clearos/network.conf. This means that it does not get the proper role.

Workaround: Manually add the VLAN interface to /etc/clearos/network.conf in this format (where eth1:2 is the VLAN interface and eth1 is the existing interface):

LANIF="eth1 eth1:2"

Afterwards, restart the firewall:

service firewall restart
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2014-09-10 17:24   
Unable to duplicate. Was there any "trace" in the /var/log/system log file? In the source code, I can see that the interface role is set soon after the interface is configured. If something blows a tire in between, then the role won't be set.
2018-10-09 10:02   
This seems to be okay in ClearOS 7.5. Please re-open if able to duplicate.