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0001912ClearOSapp-mail - Mail Enginepublic2014-08-15 09:322020-09-03 05:13
0001912: Mail redirect to external domain
This is documented for 5.2: [^]
But seems to no longer be in 6.x

It should be possible to redirect to one or many email addresses.
Ideally, this should work the same way with basic email package and Zarafa

Workaround in Zarafa:
1- Zarafa webapp -> Settings -> Mail filters
2- There is no forward all, but you can repeat the rule for "has importance" low, normal and high
3- You can delete forwarded mail or move to separate directory (so if a message slips through the rules, you will know)

Ref: [^]
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2015-04-19 17:00   
Roundcube also has a way to redirect to any email. In the webmail -> Settings -> Filters -> Redirects

For forwarding to another mail on the same domain [^] -> Users -> Edit -> Mail aliases
2020-09-03 05:13 [^]