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0001885ClearOSapp-network-detail-report - Network Detail Reportpublic2014-08-06 12:112019-03-19 10:33
normalmajorhave not tried
0001885: app-network-detail-report causes runaway system-mysqld process
Since the update of app-network-detail-report to 1.5.27 my system-mysqld process has run away causing a 100% CPU load. It is very similar to this thread:,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,12/func,view/id,61448/limit,10/limitstart,10/. [^]
Removing app-network-detail-report and app-network-detail-report-core on their own did not fix it. I also had to remove pmacct.
I have not tried the suggestion by zombu2 in the thread as I don't know how to reverse it if it goes wrong and I'd prefer an official ClearOS solution.
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2014-08-06 15:23   
Will verify in the a.m.
2014-08-07 09:00   
Here is another related report:

"CPU trashing of system-mysqld seems related to /usr/sbin/networkdetail2db.
I have disabled this cron job for the mean time.

"There seems to be a stale lock on the process, as /var/log/syslog has many
instances of
"networkdetail2db: Unable to start script - currently running."
"I don't see where the lock is being stored.

I"nside the reports DB, the network_detail schema is missing indexes on at
least the following rows. I don't recall if I ever posted a bug report on
the rpm install for app-network-detail-*. Basically, IIRC, the post-install
script parses for the existance of a network* table from reports. However,
how it is written, the initialization of the database fails because the way
the regex is written, it's far too aggressive and finds app-network-*
first, then skips the db init."
2014-10-31 00:24   
I did try what zombu2 has stated herein -,com_kunena/Itemid,232/catid,12/func,view/id,61448/limit,10/limitstart,10/#61936 [^] but to no avail. The problem remains.

Have just uninstalled network detailed report and will be observing over the next 24 hours.

2014-10-31 07:45   
As reported by NickH, removal of pmacct is also required to get back to normal load.