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0017551ClearOSapp-network - Network Settingspublic2017-10-18 12:312018-10-24 17:58
7.4.0 Beta 1 
7.5.0 Updates7.5.0 Updates 
0017551: Changing NIC subnet can leave DHCP Server invalid
If you configure a NIC as a DHCP server, then change the NIC subnet, it makes the DHCP server invalid but there is nothing to tell you this unless you go to the DHCP Server app.

In domestic routers, if you change the LAN subnet, from what I've seen, the DHCP server generally adjusts itself to the new subnet. ClearOS should do the same, or, at least take you straight to the DHCP server settings screen so you can fix the settings. As an extension of this, deleting an IP address or stopping the NIC from being Static should delete any DHCP server settings for the NIC or take you to the DHCP server screen.

This caused in issue in this this forum thread: [^]
Configure NIC as static
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Change NIC subnet
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2018-10-09 21:44   
Instead of getting marked as "invalid" in the UI, the subnet will be deleted.