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0013661ClearOSapp-print-server - CUPS Print Serverpublic2017-03-12 01:052017-03-14 11:58
7.3.1 Updates7.3.1 Updates 
0013661: app-print-server will not install from command line or marketplace.
app-print-server will not install from command line or marketplace. Error is:

[root@gateway ~]# yum install app-print-server

Error: Package: libgudev1-219-30.el7_3.6.x86_64 (clearos-centos-verified)
           Requires: systemd-libs = 219-30.el7_3.6
           Installed: systemd-libs-219-30.el7_3.7.x86_64 (@anaconda/ )
               systemd-libs = 219-30.el7_3.7
           Available: systemd-libs-219-30.el7.x86_64 (clearos-centos-verified)
               systemd-libs = 219-30.el7
           Available: systemd-libs-219-30.el7_3.3.x86_64 (clearos-centos-verifie d)
               systemd-libs = 219-30.el7_3.3
           Available: systemd-libs-219-30.el7_3.6.x86_64 (clearos)
               systemd-libs = 219-30.el7_3.6
 You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
 You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
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related to 0013691confirmed  ISO builder using unexpected version 
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2017-03-12 09:53   
It looks like the ISO builder is pulling in CentOS packages that have not yet made it to verified. The version in ClearOS verified is 219-30.el7_3.6, but the ISO picked up on 219-30.el7_3.7 in a non-verified repo.

When this Patch Tuesday comes along, this issue will be resolved since 219-30.el7_3.7 is currently in "clearos-centos-updates". If this needs to be bumped to Monday or immediate release, just let me know.