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0001145ClearOSapp-network - Network Settingspublic2013-05-16 15:112018-10-24 17:58
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0001145: Add "none" to the connection type list for network interfaces
With the introduction of VLAN interfaces, there is a use case for enabling network interfaces without IP addresses. From the forums:

Add "Connection Type" of "none" to list - ie: This would allow the ability to have an interface configured, but specify that it should NOT have an IP address. While there are probably many reasons for doing this, the most common one would be for when VLANs are configured, and one does not wish to use the base interface (ie: ethX) untagged. ie: I might wish to specify each VLAN on eth0 as tagged (ie: eth0.1, eth0.2, etc) without having eth0 itself to have an IP. This can be done by having "BOOTPROTO=none" and NOT specifying an IPADDRESS=line (and NETMASK, etc) at all.
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2014-11-11 03:45   
Would it be sensible to consider the option of 'disabled' as well - meaning that settings can be configured, but are rendered inactive. if so, there would also be the need for an 'enable' toggle.
2014-11-11 08:50   
There's an "onboot" configuration option available in the underlying engine. There's also the option of taking down or bringing up a network interface on-demand, but the network will pop back up on the next reboot. In theory, we could combine these two behaviors to provide a way to enable/disable an interface. Hmmm.