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7.6.0 Updates 
0010481: Rationalise Website Categories
The website has far too many categories, may of which are empty, some of them overlap and some of them are effectively the same. Please see this thread: [^] I've suggested some of the rationalisation:
Merge all the Zarafa Small Business sections
Merge all the ownCloud for Business sections
Merge Account Import and Account Manager?
Merge Bandwidth and QoS, Bandwidth and QoS Manager and Bandwidth manager
Query merging the Anti-malaware sections and the anti-spam one. Also Mail AntiSpam and Mail Antivirus. Possibly add Greylisting, Gateway AntiPhishing and Gateway Antivirus here.
Not sure of the differentiation between Directory/LDAP and Directory Server. Possibly merge.
Merge the dropbox sections
As there is a Firewall section do we need Egress, Custom and Port Forwarding sections as well (but no Input/Incoming)?
Merge FTP Plugin and FTP Server
Merge Groups, User Profile and Users - also perhaps with Account Import and Account Manager.
Merge the two OpenVPN sections
Merge PPTP Plugin and PPTP Server.
Merge all the Kaspersky sections
Merge the remote data backup sections
Merge the two SMTP sections
There is a separate (popular) VPN section, but just about all VPN's are covered by the IPsec, OpenVPN and PPTP VPN sections so this is confusing.
Merge the two Web Proxy sections
Merge the two Webconfig Sections
Merge the two Windows Networking sections
Possibly merge two Static IPsec VPN sections
Merge content filter engine with Web Proxy Plugin and Web Proxy Server, perhaps with the Filter and Proxy Report
There is a Multiwan and Multi-WAN section!
Merge Database and MySQL Server

There is probably more.
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